Don't Pay For Lessons!
- Reuben Pali, founder of Maui Music Mission.

  • Small Class Size - Only 5 Students Per Group
  • Play Quicker - Achieve More In Less Time!
  • Personal Attention - Get Instant Answers & Demonstrations!
  • Fun Fundamentals - Get Them Down Pat & Fast!!
  • Your Time To Play - Watch & Review Whenever You Feel
  • Join The Online Group - Get LIVE answers & demos + fun bonuses!

You bring a lot of smiles + joy to everyone around you!
"My students drew a big crowd around them at their first performance!  ...They got a Great Big Applause!  Everyone was so proud and happy!"

Individual lessons can quickly add up to hundreds of dollars per month!

(month after month after month...)
When You Join A

Maui Music Membership!

You Get
...and more awesome extras!!

When you 'Uke with Reuben' , you can quickly realize your dream!

What Is The Language of Emotion?


Music challenges people to persevere through difficulties and to overcome their fears.
 It makes you feel better about yourself as you begin to accomplish the skills and play songs! -Reuben Pali

    Adults love to 'Uke with Reuben' too!  
    He combines classical, casual, and 'ear' training on multiple instruments, giving his students a solid understanding of musical concepts  that make your progress FASTER & EASIER!!
    WARNING: Music May Cause Extreme Happiness and Joy!
      Let’s break it down.
      *monthly membership
      *one time purchase
      • Small Group InstructionOnly (5) Five Students in each class!
      • Flexible Scheduling! - Reserve your spot or drop-in!
      •  Frequent Access - ONE 45-min class included each week! ($100 value)
      • BONUS - Free Weekly Jam Session ($100 value)
      • Member Only Discounts - In Our Retail Store (up to $50 value)
      • Discipline 'Disguised'  - As Perseverance!
      • Enrichment  & Empowerment - For Life!
      • Developmental Advantage - That Cannot Be Matched By Any Other Means!
      • Performance Opportunities - As They Arise! ($40 value)
      • Just You -  Have full access to recordings
      • Flexible Scheduling! - Play when you want to!
      •  Frequent Access - Access one class video each week! ($100 value)
      • BONUS - Access Online Group & Reuben's LIVE broadcasts ($100 value)
      • Member Only Discounts - In Our Retail Store (up to $50 value)
      • Self Discipline  - Increased Perseverance!
      • Enrichment  & Empowerment - For Life!
      • Developmental Advantage - That Cannot Be Matched By Any Other Means!
      • Performance Opportunities - Share Your Show On YouTube! ($40 value)
      Now Just $59!!
      *per month
      Now Just $99!!
      *one time purchase

      But Wait!

      If you really want to learn music quickly, then
      One Weekly Group Lesson Is Not Enough!!
      So ...  We're sweetening the deal even MORE!!

      Double Up To Multiply  LIVE!

      • Get Music Skills Quicker: Two LIVE lessons each week! ($200 value)
      • Rise To The Musical Challenge: Weekly Jam Sessions With Other Musicians!($100 value)
      • Show Off On Stage: Frequent opportunities to perform! ($40 value)
      • ​Get Ukes, Swag & More:  Members only retail discounts! (up to $50 value)
      • Support After School Music Club:  We'll make a $20 donation in your name! ($20 value)
      $410.00 value
      NOW just $99!

      Get Instant Access Online!

      • Get Music Skills Quicker: Access All 10 Lessons Instantly! ($250 value)
      • Rise To The Musical Challenge: Meet Up, Post, & Share Online! ($100 value)
      • Show Off On Stage: Perform LIVE online with us! ($100 value)
      • ​Get Ukes, Swag & More:  Members only retail discounts! (up to $50 value)
      • Support After School Music Club:  We'll make a $20 donation in your name! ($20 value)
      $520.00 value
      NOW just $139!
      *monthly membership
      *one time purchase
      Educators Already Know...
      Music Makes You Smarter. 
      Kids Who Learn To Play Music Don't Know What It's Like To Be 'Bored'!!
      • Music Is A Fundamental Attribute Of The Human Species - Harvard Health
      • ​"Music education is crucial for the creative
        engagement of our haumana, which positively
        impacts learning across content areas." 
      • - Hawaii State Superintendent of Education
      As they get better at playing, they also become more confident, organized and respectful.-Reuben
      *monthly membership
      *one time purchase
       Nothing else even comes close the developmental advantage of playing musical instruments!  
      • Coordination - Play, sing and read while exercising left / right brain functions.  This is synapse city and there's a party going on!!
      • Dexterity - Playing a musical instrument increases fine motor skills!!  Kids practice moving those tiny finger muscles with accuracy to create the sounds they want!
      • Posture - Music students constantly improve their posture in order to play instruments correctly.  The practice of sitting and standing correctly is a positive, healthy habit for life! 
      • ​Stamina - Increase your endurance for concentration AND physical performance!
      • ​Concentration - We only focus on what you like!  When we like a song ...we focus on getting it right!
      • ​Neurological Advantage - Brains are FIRING on music!!  The rapid growth cannot be matched!!
      • ​Discipline - The repetitious nature of music is a discipline which develops self control in those who practice!
      • ​Attention to Details - Students can notice their own mistakes and correct themselves!
      • ​Focused Listening & Sound Identification - You are NOT tone deaf!! ...And neither are your kids.  Sound identification is a developed skill!!
      • ​Presentation - Don't be shy!!  You can overcome shyness when they receive appreciation for sharing their music!  This is where leaders arise and shine!!
      • ​Emotional Expression - Music conveys deep feelings.  Music teaches us how to control emotions!!
      • ​Perseverance - Do it again and again!  Do not EVER give up! Get better and better at it!
      • ​Power - Music empowers us to unlock our creative potential! It is confidence, unleashed!
      • ​Influence - Musicians speak a secret language that everyone listens to!

      Here's What You'll Learn:

      • Handle & Care For Your Ukulele
      • Count 2 Rhythm Patterns
      • Count 2 Rhythm Patterns
      • ​Position Your Fingers Correctly To Form Chords
      • ​Strum Down & Up!
      • ​Sing & Play Songs
      • ​Pick The Notes In A Melody
      • ​Play A Scale
      • ​Read Tabs & Charts
      • ​Perform In Front Of An Audience!
      • ​Select A Good Instrument!
      • ​Tune by ear and with a tuner!
      • ​Count Multiple Rhythm Patterns!
      • ​Correct Your Own Posture!
      • ​Change Positions Quickly For Perfect Timing!
      • ​Strum Several Patterns Using Hands & Fingers Differently!
      • ​Choose Favorite Songs To Sing & Play
      • ​Pick The Notes In A Solo Melody
      • ​Play Scales In Different Frets & Keys
      • ​Read Tabs & Charts From Any Songbook
      • ​LIVE On Stage Performance!

       Performance Opportunities -

      When our students perform on stage, they own it!  It's the ultimate reward and recognition!  Plus... you get to enjoy the best show ever!! 

       Career Training -

       Even in the worst economic down-turns, music is highly sought after!! The entire entertainment industry is reliant on musicians!! 
      ...In fact, the ability to play music has been held in high regard throughout history!!  Some have testified that it has even saved their lives! Music will never die!!

       Jam Sessions -

       Jam Sessions Are Included With Membership.  Space is limited to 5 students per hour!  Sign-up to save your spot!
      Can Families Learn Together?
      Yes. Memberships are for ALL AGES!  Your ohana can set up a specific time to learn together, but
      After School Hours Are RESERVED only for Keiki.
      Do students need their own ukulele?
      Yes!  Students will need their own personal instrument in order to do the required practice ...and to start playing music as a good daily habit!

      Thank you both for all that you do for the keiki here in Maui

      -Sally Nespor - West Maui Parent
      💝 we love Ruben and the entire Maui Music Mission!

       -Cassie Coonradical  - West Maui Mom

      I’m watching your kiddos on OC16!  
      So grateful for what you do for Maui Keiki!  

      -Sheryl Lachman‎ - West Maui
      “We thank God for the meaningful work you do for our Maui keiki.” 

       -Talia HP Events

         You will not only learn how to play songs, you'll know how to figure out songs, and you'll gain improved focus & retention!
      We are so confident in Reuben's method, that if you follow his program correctly for just three months, but are not completely impressed by your own progress, then we will refund your dues!

      *monthly membership
      *one time purchase

      Maui Music Mission is a 501c3 non-profit organization which does not discriminate, and provides equal access.

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